Nosh is No Shit.

There’s no shit in our drinks and we stand for no shit.

We’re not an influencer-style seltzer. We’re keeping it real and we’re not afraid to play the man.

NoSh is the Official Shower Seltzer and the drink of Kick Ons. Join us in the movement to extend happy hour from 4pm Saturday to 10am Sunday.

Our Flavours

Mango + Pineapple

Looking for a drink as pristine and tropical as Nudie Beach at sunset?

With a boozy blend of juicy mangoes and a perfect punch of sweet pineapples, NoSh Mango & Pineapple will keep you coming back for more.

Refreshing, fruity and totally smashable.
No Sh*t.

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NoSh Boozy Seltzer


Ever wondered what summer tastes like?

It tastes just like a ripe peach – No Sh*t. NoSh Boozy Seltzer Peach is a can of pure sunshine with notes of juicy, ripe peaches.

With unspoiled clarity and a fruity, dry finish, it’s perfect for sipping all day and (into the) night.
No Sh*t.

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NoSh Boozy Seltzer


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