Nosh is No Shit.

There’s no shit in our drinks and we stand for no shit.

We’re not an influencer-style seltzer. We’re keeping it real and we’re not afraid to play the man.

NoSh is the Official Shower Seltzer™ and the drink of Kick Ons. Join us in the movement to extend happy hour from 4pm Saturday to 10am Sunday.

Our Flavours

Mango + Pineapple

Looking for a drink as pristine and tropical as Nudie Beach at sunset?

With a boozy blend of juicy mangoes and a perfect punch of sweet pineapples, NoSh Mango & Pineapple will keep you coming back for more.

Refreshing, fruity and totally smashable.
No Sh*t.

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Citrus Crush

Citrus Crush is a boozy blend of lemon lime and yuzu.
Refreshing, bubbly and bloody good. No Sh*t.

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